PGP key password not accepted

I recently migrated to a new phone. When I try to read an encrypted message, I get the pop-up that says, “Enter password for …” (where … is my email address). I enter the password (a phrase, actually) and it says “Wrong password.”

I can read the same encrypted message on my old phone with no problem.
I am using version 5.807 on both phones.
I imported settings from the old phone to the new phone.
I am using OpenKeychain on both phones.
I imported the same key from the same file on both phones.
I have tried this many times on the new phone to make sure I was typing the password correctly.

I think the setup is exactly the same on the old phone and the new one, but I can’t decrypt messages on the new phone because it will not accept the password. Same key, same password, same message in my inbox on the old phone works.
Any ideas why my password is not recognized on the new phone?

Can you encrypt and sign (as this will ask you for the password) within OpenKeychain?

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Thank you. No, I could not encrypt within OpenKeychain. I must have inadvertently changed the key’s password when I exported it. I deleted the key, exported it again on my laptop, and imported it into OpenKeychain. Everything works as expected now.

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