Persistent unread badge

  1. An email is received.
  2. App badge and notification show up
  3. Slide notification to the right without reading the new email.

Expected behavior: badge count still shows the number of unread messages which should be 1.
Actual behavior: badge count is reset although email is not read.

How can I enable a persistent unread counter badge on the app?

Background info:

  1. All notifications are enabled.
  2. Android 11
  3. K9 v5.806

@AvidSeeker Welcome to the forum.

Please provide some essential information: K-9 version, Android version, make and type of device. Without these we can only use our magical crystal sphere to help you.

If you are on Android 12: The behaviour you are describing is exactly as Google wants the badges to work. Once you dismiss the notification, the badge is gone.

However, if a new mail is received afterwards, the badge should show the previous count incremented.

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Post is updated. The “K-9 Unread” widget gave me exactly the affect I need.