Persistent icon and message "waiting for new emails" how to remove

Since the new update, there is a persistent notification from K9, “waiting for new emails”

I have checked all the notification options to turn off that particular notification on my phone notification settings and on the K9 app notification settings.

The only way to remove the unwanted persistent message is to toggle the notifications off and back on, but after say 20 minutes, the persistent message returns.

It cannot be swiped away…

I am on Android 11.

I would like to remove the unnecessary persistent icon and message.

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Push is working perfectly… Unsure why you replied, information not relevant.

The post contains information on how to hide just the “@” notification.

@cketti The “how to hide” information is useless for older Android versions. On my Android 6.0.1 I can only hide any and all notifications of K-9 Mail altogether or disable push. There are not settings to granularly disable just some types of notifications for an app.

How to hide this persistent notification then without loosing functionality that has worked fine for years?

I agree. Mine has just been updated and I have this annoying notification. I am on Android 7 on my absolutely ancient by modern standards (4 year old) phone.

If I turn auto-sync off it becomes “Sleeping until background sync is allowed” instead which is equally useless.

I want to know about emails and nothing else from an email application.

Imagine if every social media app did this.

I wonder if these are debug messages that got left in by accident.

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Android 6 user here with a smartphone of 6 years ago.

+1 on what @jms19 wrote, I cannot bear to have that notification as persistent.
The only choices left are not receiving email notifications at all or use another app, which would be quite sad since I really like K9 mail and have been used it for years.

Couldn’t be possible to avoid that notification on older android versions like ours?

I’ve installed Open Mail which is a fork of K9. Push works without a permanent notification. I guess that solves my problem but I’ll check K-9 again in a couple months.

Just for the sake of completeness:

With K-9 version 5.803 from 2021-08-12, for older Android versions, K-9 went half-way to something similar to the previous and perfect behavior. The persistent notification on lock screen and its icon in the status bar are now hidden. However, the same notification dialog is still permanently visible in the “unobtrusive”, lower section of the pull-down panel and blocks space there. It cannot be dismissed as long as Push is active for an account.

Slightly better now, in this regard, but still not good in my opinion and given how K-9 5.600 used to work.

Thanks for the update! I rolled back to 5.600 and I agree with you, it’s a good improvement but still not good enough to make us switch to the newer version.
I have a 5" smartphone, which means that I have not that much space for notifications to pile up, plus I already have the NetGuard one as persistent, so it’s not ideal.

I’ve got rid of it using Notification Blocker & Cleaner & Heads-up Off" app

It basically can hide any annoying notification. For example I have also been using it to block my Android update notification which does not have a stable root method for the newer version.

I’ve got rid of it using Notification Blocker & Cleaner & Heads-up Off" app

I dont think you should rely on 3rd party apps to do such a basic function, but its fair enough

Definitely, it’s just a workaround for the time being.

You can just hide the notification using the Android system settings. No need to install a third-party app for that. If you tap the notification, it links to the system settings screen that has the checkbox to hide it.

Definitely, it’s just a workaround for the time being.

Yes but as I said, you should be able to hide notifications from
android’s built-in settings. or do you use an older android version?

I am using Android 11 but I could not find the settings.

Here is a quick guide:

  1. Scroll down to open notifications
  2. Long press notification
  3. Click the settings icon
  4. Flip the switch that appears on screen to disable notifications

That should be it in most android devices

When I tap the notification it gives me two buttons:

  1. Configure Notification

  2. Disable Push

When I press the first one it shows me this:

Which one hides the notification without stopping background sync/push?

It looks to me like a mistranslation (it should not say “disable all notifications”)

Lets try other way. go to your app list and keep the k9 mail icon pressed until the popup menu shows up, tap on the info button to access android’s app info screen (otherwise. Go to settings > apps & notifications, select k9 mail)

Once in the app info section, tap in notifications, There you should find a notification setting for all your accounts, and at the bottom an “Other section” thath should have a Synchronize (Push) notification. Toggle it off, and you are good to go!

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