Pasting Text into Email Body

K-9 Mail 6.202
Samsung Chromebook 3 / ChromeOS Version 103.0.5060.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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I compose a long message as a plain text file with a generic text editor. Then I want to email it to someone, not as an attachment but as the plain text body in an email. I can copy the text into the clipboard from the editor and then paste it into the email composer, but I don’t know how large a text I can do that way. Is there a way in the email composer to paste the text directly from the file without using the clipboard?

There is a 1MB limit on most IPC operations.

A plaintext must contain rather a lot of text before exceeding the limit. Assuming average word length of 5 characters, this would limit out at roughly 180000 words.

Some non-IPC operations are limited to 256K. With that, you can still have a text of apr. 45000 words.

I just successfully pasted 30.000 words into K-9. To give you an idea of how much that is: The book “The time machine” by H. G. Wells has about 30.000 words as well.


No, I do not know a way how this should work.