Password change

I changed my password on desktop. How do i change it in k9?

In theory it should ask you for the new password automatically, when needed. If it doesn’t and still does work that should indicate that the mail server’s passwort for some reason hasn’t changed when you tried to change it.

In case it doesn’t, go to the settings for the account that needs a new password.

Find the Fetching Mail item, tap it. Then tap Incoming Server. Tap that, set it.

Go back to the account settings, just below Fetching Mail. tap Outgoing server, set it there.

Each should test the connection.

I’d recommend exporting k9’s settings and mailing those to yourself to keep a copy. Note that the export doesn’t save the passwords.


Thanks very much. I had trouble finding it.

Though I suspect not an issue in this case, if you change your google password google deletes the app-passwords you have set up, so have to be reestablished. I don’t know if that is also the case with other providers that support app-passwords.