"Package appears to be corrupt"

I have been using an older LG G6 with Android 7.0, specifically because I could run K-9 and have it poll every minute for vital emails.

5.8 now has bugs and does not give me a sound notification for every message. I have tried downgrading to K-9 5.6, but Android is telling me that the “package appears to be corrupt” and won’t install it.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I absolutely need notifications for certain gmail-filtered emails the minute they arrive.

I have tried rebuilding the APK using a couple of APK editors, but to no avail. 5.6 still won’t install.

Neither Lucky Patcher nor APK Editor seem to be able to fix it. Lucky Patcher says “problem parsing the package”.

Try from different source maybe ?
Like from K-9 Mail Apk Download for Android- Latest version 5.600- com.fsck.k9 or
K-9 Mail 5.600 APK Download by K-9 Dog Walkers - APKMirror

Thanks, but it didn’t work :frowning_face:

It’s also not working for 5.403.

Maybe then from here - K-9 Mail | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

I think I fixed it. Had to allow Lucky Patcher to “uninstall and reinstall” the modified apk. For some reason that appears to have worked.