Outlook Folders Missing

I am an Outlook user and some of my folders are not showing up. I have the setting set to show all folders and have refreshed the folder list, but that folder and the subfolders do not show up.

Is it a single folder and its sub folders? Did you create that folder or is it a standard folder? Does the folder name maybe does contain some spezial character?

K-9 does not support subfolders as for themselves. If your Jobs folder is a real folder, K-9 will display the subfolders as Jobs.X, where X is the subfolder name.

However, if it is not a real folder but an Outlook label, K-9 will not identify it as a folder as Outlook does not deliver labels in the result set when probed for the folder list.

Nothing to do with idiocricy. Just stated the technical reason on why K-9 sometimes doesn’t display things one assumes should be a natural. If that was condescending to you, you may want to consider not alway assuming the worst in other people. The volunteers here genuinely want to help. With that attitude, nobody will want to help you in the long run.

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For those who rely on the solution found by the author: They recreated the folders in Outlook and renamed them correspondingly.