Outbox refuses to clear its contents

I’m running K-9 v. 6.301 on Android v. 6.0.1 on a Samsung Tablet SM-T700. Some emails are sometimes placed by K-9 in the Outbox even when the tablet is connected to wifi, and then they are not sent by K-9 despite me pressing Send (from within Outbox) and despite me repeatedly refreshing (from within Outbox or from the Unified screen).

Please could this bug be fixed?

But normally sending works fine, only somtimes the mails are stuck in Outbox folder?

You are using a Beta version, ie 6.301. Did that happen on previous versions as well? Is there sometging specific to these messages, e.g big attachments.

Do you get some error if these get stuck?

are the stuck messages to certain recipients or specific hosts?

is this connectivity (wifi vs mobile data) specific?

Yes, sending emails usually works fine.

The Outbox problem has been occurring for about a year and only on the device restricted to Android v. 6.0.1.

Yes, sometimes the emails stuck in the Outbox have attachments.

Sometimes I learn the recipients received them although the emails are still sitting in the Outbox.

I don’t think it’s a wifi connectivity problem, as it doesn’t happen with K-9 on my Android 12 devices.

As it only occurs sporadically I think you need to send a debug log when it happens next time. Maybe this can help in identifying the issue.

Thanks, stphn.

As this problem is discovered long after K-9’s occasional failure to send an email, would sending a debug log of the failure be possible? If so, please tell me how to do it.

If after sending an email I have to to always go and check my outbox to ensure that it has actually been sent, I might as well abandon K-9 and use one of my two other email apps which never put things in the Outbox.

First go to Settings / General Setings / Debugging / Enable debug logging

When you encountered that issue go to
Settings / General Setings / Debugging again. In the 3dot menu you see “Export logs”

I do not know how long back the logs are kept but I assume that you should check at least once a day if that behavior occurs.

I understand this. But without debug log files the devs might not have a chance to fix this issue if it is a bug in K9. So maybe try for a certain time.