Outbox - not clearing automatically

For some weeks I’ve noticed that emails which I have written while offline and which are thus placed in my outbox do not clear once I have gone online, and even after I have closed and re-opened K-9. They are not sent. Even when I go into the outbox and press the send button the emails do not leave. The emails in question are addressed to people to whom I am frequently sending emails directly from the app. So there has appeared to be a glitch in the automatic refreshing of K-9’s Outbox. My apologies if this glitch has now been attended to.

Did you ever get a response (by some other channel), or solve the problem ?

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Thanks for the enquiry!

The problem remains, unfortunately. I have noticed it again this afternoon.

I can be connected to the internet, find something interesting that I want to share with somebody, press Share so that by default I am taken to K9, then I write the email and address it to whoever, and then press Send.

I then return to the browser to continue reading but when later on I go back to K9 for some reason, I find that the information I wanted to share is still sitting in the Outbox.

Something at least has been improved recently because I find that now when I click on the button at top right in Outbox and I select Send the email that has been sitting in the Outbox will then depart!

But why should one have to remember to return to the Outbox to make sure that everything has gone out?

K9 should automatically send emails out if there is an internet connection running. And if there isn’t an internet connection running, then the next time that there is one, any emails in the Outbox should be automatically despatched.

Maybe you could send debug log here? this might help to see why this is happening to you.

Could it be that you disabled “background processes” in Android ? So when you switch back to the browser K9 goes on hold ???

@Ajay, thanks for the suggestion.

I have just checked and the number of background processes selected is at “Standard”.

Could it be that when K9 is selected and “opened” via Share while I am inside another app, that K9 is not fully opened, as when I open it directly from the homescreen on my device? Could it be that the app is opened only sufficiently to enable me to write the email, so that when I press Send the email is only placed in the Outbox? However, if this is the case then the next time I open K9 directly K9 ought to automatically clear the Outbox.

This annoying problem persists, on all 3 of my different Android devices. The situation now is that whenever I compose an email in K-9 I then go its Outbox where I nearly always find the email I have just written. I then have to repeatedly press Send in that Outbox window to make K-9 send the email.

So why do I still use K-9? I prefer K-9 because it is the only email app I know of which has a Unified View, enabling me to see all incoming emails in all my email accounts at one glance.

Try FairEmail, Nine or R2Mail2 or any other of the dozens with unified inboxes…

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@tchara , thank you! I want to try one of them. Which one is the best AND allows dark mode?

FairEmail sees frequent updates, the other two not so much.

FairEmail and Nine have native dark mode, R2Mail2 does have a dark theme, but I do not remember if it comes preinstalled.

If you want GnuPG/PGP and S/MIME, FairEmail or R2Mail2 is your choice. If S/MIME and full Exchange support (i.e., besides mail also calendar, tasks, …) is what you want, Nine should be your choice.

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@tchara , you’ve been very helpful and very kind. Thank you very much.