Opening an email dumps me back to the list if emails

Every time I open an email, I’m dumped back to the list of all mail within a second or two of starting to read the email. This is consistent and happens every time.

I can and do open the closed email again and I can read the email without it closing, but without fail, every time I open an email initially, the email closes and dumps me back into the list of all emails.

Is there a way to fix this or prevent this from happening?

This happens occssionally when opening a mail in my Sent folder, as if K-9 won’t allow us to dwell upon the past :slight_smile:

This happens in my inbox. Not Sent folder.

Modern Android versions automatically restart the app after it has crashed. From your description I’m guessing that is what happens. Please record a debug log so we can learn why the app is crashing. See LoggingErrors · thundernest/k-9 Wiki · GitHub

This also happens when I am selecting emails to delete. I can select a few emails and the UI will refresh and whatever emails I’ve selected will be unselected again.

I’m going to upload a debug log a little bit later after I’ve let enough information collect about the issues I’m reporting.

Thank you submitted the bug.