Only old mails visible

On my mother’s tablet K9 showed only mails from 2018. The only way to get the new ones was to set K9 so, that it downloads all mails instead of only 50 or so. This were about 3000. It uses IMAP. Any one with an idea what went wrong there? There was a story before, first it looked almost as the same problem, then I tried to first delete the cache which didn’t helped, than I deleted the full memory of K9, so I had to enter password,… again. During the meantime I realized with webmail, that somehow the missing mails were in archive instead off the inbox. So I moved them. But all this was done before I entered the information into K9, so that shouldn’t be the reason.

I would suggest looking at this mailbox via a webmail interface and sorting by “date sent” and “date received” (assuming both options are available - they may have slightly different labels) and see where these messages fall in those two different sorts. I suspect that these messages going into the archive and being retrieved messed with the dates so the server doesn’t see/present them as the newest N.

If you send a new message to the account does it show up correctly in K9?

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Hi, as it is the tablet of my mother I can’t check it now, but from memory I can tell, that the mails are sorted the right way inside K9 after I selected that all mails should be loaded.
So when I understand you right you mean, that when moving mails between archive and in box they received a new order which messes things up. It’s about twenty years, that I programmed a e-mail client but I should be able to check this out. It’s there an easy way to just get the imap protocol or only the full debug info? If not do you know which imap calls are used to get the last 50 mails? If the sorting is really messed up I could either see if there is a way to sort them from the webmailer or do the same thing again, mice all mails to the archive, than back to the inbox, but this time more or less in chronological order.
By the way there is an other corresponding old problem with K9. When you have marked mails as important you expect them to stay and not be deleted because they are not part of the newest 50 or so mails. So what I would like is, that you could select a number of mails to be shown and besides that the possibility to select" keep important mails l