Old version still remains after upgrade

I still have the old version showing in my app folders along with the new. It may just be the icon, or it may be the old app (doubt it) but it is there. I am worried about deleting it in case it also deletes the new app.
How do I remove the old app, please?

Upgrading replaces the old version with the new version. If the old icon is still displayed, it’s probably a bug in your launcher. In my launcher I have the option between “remove” and “uninstall” when removing an app from an app folder. If it’s the same for you, select “remove” and the icon should be gone.

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Brilliant. Worked a treat. I reviewed all the apps in the folder via “select apps”, and it wasn’t there, so I removed all the apps in the app folder and it was still there, so I deleted the folder and started again.

Sorted. Thank you.