Old-style list of accounts

First of all, I want to congratulate you guys for this wonderful app.

I’ve recently updated to the latest version (previously I used 5.something), and I find it much more readable and convenient since it is able to use OAuth, which was kind of an annoyance in recent times.

Nevertheless, I miss being able to see the whole list of email accounts on entering the app, as it used to be before. Maybe the new default of going directly to the inbox of the first account can become useful, but I would rather reverting the behaviour to what I was used to. Actually, this is one of the features that made me choose K-9 mail over gmail.

Is there a parameter to set it that way?

Thanks for your help.

Welcome to the forum @Carlangas .

This has been asked and answered. E.g., here: Plans for K-9 Mail 6.000

Note that the plan has shifted from 6.200 to an undisclosed future version as 6.200 urgently addressed the Google sign-in issues you can find in the forum, too.

@Carlangas, I’m not certain you mean what I think you mean, but when I open K-9 it opens at “Unified Inbox”, so that I can see all emails which have been received by my various email accounts. I have just run a simple test by quitting K-9 while inside a particular account, and when I re-opened the app it opened at “Unified Inbox”. Does this help?

No, I mean the accouns overview screen, which appears to be gone for good.

Yes, this is gone. Last time cketti wrote about plans on this here: