Notifications only for known contacts

Hi there

I am pretty sure that my old phone had the k9 setting that only new mails from contacts were creating push notifications.
After setting up k9 on my new phone I can’t find that setting. Importing the settings file from my old phone does not work either, so: was that setting removed or does anybody know where to find it?

Thanks a lot

@blindzero Welcome to the forum.

As usual, version information is the key to helping…

Assuming you are on the current 5.9 version of K-9 and the current 12 of Android, you can configure each individual notification in the notification settings section of Android.

I have K9 5.806 on Android 11.
Sure I can activate and deactivate notifications, but I want to have enabled notifications for new mails, but o ly if sender is a known contact.
I am so sure that this was able on my former phone.

Since I’ve just seen that option on the custom rom I flashed I’m going to say your rom controls that. I have never seen that option on either stock OOS 10 or stock Android 12.

It’s nothing K-9 can influence though.

The setting can be found under Settings → [Account] → Notifications → Contacts only.


Yeah! That’s it! Thanks a lot!