Notifications on new emails reappear after removal

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I use K9 6.202 on Android 10. When I delete notifications on new emails in the notification bar, they instantly reappear and have to be removed a second time before they disappear for good. The way of removing them from the notification bar is not of importance, i.e. I can swipe the notification away, click on delete message or assign status read: they appear a second time. This happens for all my email accounts (I have 5 in K9). Interestingly, this does not happen always, i.e. for every email. There are rarely notifications that go away after single removal. I do not see a pattern.

What am I doing wrong? It’s quite annoying. Switching notification off completely is no option for me.

Secondly, I do not want old email notifications which I have already deleted at an earlier time to reappear when I receive new emails and thus new (correct) notifications.

Thanks for your help! Much appreciated!


which mail provider you are using? If it is Gmail this might help:

In most of my email accounts I use POP3 to download my emails. The described problem appears in both, email accounts with POP3 and IMAP. So I am not sure if your solution applys to my problem?

Not sure where you see POP or IMAP in the referenced solution.

The idea is that it could be an issue with same mails contained in different folders, e.g for Gmail the “All mail” folder. So if you synch both Inbox and “All mail” you might get two separate notifications.

If this or similar is not the case with you then it might not apply.

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Sorry, I was not precise enough. It was a “mind shortcut”. I understand what you mean and I do not sync any folders which could contain emails twice. Anyway, when syncing via POP3, I definitely sync with one folder only but the problem is the same. That is why I mentioned the POP3 route, to illustrate that this does not seem to be the issue in my case.
Do you have any other idea what might cause the problem?

Please enable debug logging and export a debug log when this happens again. See LoggingErrors · thundernest/k-9 Wiki · GitHub

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OK, I have done it.
Should I paste the file contents into this post? Or would you like me to send it to you via personal message? Is there any sensitive information within the k9mail-logs.txt file?
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The link explaining how to log also tells you what to do with that log:

Step 4: Create an Issue in our Bug Tracker
To be able to fix your problem we need to know about it. Please create a new issue in our bug tracker. Attach a copy of the debug log you just created.

I apologize: I had not seen step 4, so my question here was superfluous, so I am sorry.

I have registered in GitHub and posted a bug report (#6426).

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