Notification sound


Liking the new upgrade but…

How can I turn off JUST the notification sound/vibration when emails come in. I like the visual notification, but the sound/vibration is overkill for me.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.


You can do that (on modern Android versions) using the system notification settings, even on a per-account basis. Press the bottom item (“Notification settings”) on K-9’s notification settings screen (notice that you can click the text, not only the checkboxes)



That is PERFECT! Thought those were just on/off toggles… didn’t even think that clicking the text would give a whole bevvy of additional options.

That completely solves that issue.

Not sure if you (or other contributors) have been answering that query regularly, but I really appreciate your assistance with this.



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Quite often, actually :smiley: That system notification settings screen seems to be unintuitive for quite many people. Maybe Google will change it in a future Android version.

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