Notification ringtones don't sound

Hello, I’m using K9 mail for almost 6 years and think it’s good overall.
But after the update in some months before, not just the UI changed.
the notification ringtones don’t sound anymore when I receive mails.

Mails are still pushed real time, and all settings look alright as it looked before, I’m using this for years so I think I’m understanding the complicated part of using K9, and I looked at settings on Android itself and Doze matters, all look normal.

Anyone has met same circumstance? and how to fix it?
I’m using Xperia Z5 compact, quite old one.


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I found a solution.
Just uninstall and re-install K9 with exactly same settings fixed it.
there sometimes might be some phenomenon with indescribable reasons on apps, then maybe we only can use this way…