Notification of new messages and encryption

Hi there,

Using k-9 for a while here, but in this New xiaomi phone I can’t figure how tô ver notification of New messages each fixed amount of time. It is set to check each 15 minutes and It only does this when i open k-9 and leave it “in the background”. The push foder option works fine, but it seems to drain the battery more than it should.

The other thing is on the OpenKeyChain integration that no longer works here, but os perfect in the old version installed on my Motorola G4 plus.

Any help?

Best, Alexandre

Xiaomi seems to overdo the power saving measures. See e.g. Xiaomi | Don’t kill my app!

To get the OpenKeychain integration working, check out this post:

Hi there!

The OpenKeyChain integration works after following the steps you suggested above. I’m pretty sure that new mail notifications will be functional too.


Best, Alexandre