Notification not working

Since I’m synchronizing only one mail account anyway, I am happy with the new K9 version.
However, I have one problem: as soon as I had updated to 5.8, there were no more notifications for new mails, even though I had not changed any settings
I checked also everything you mentioned here:

My settings have been like this forever.
When I refresh the view by pulling down, I immediately see the new messages and also get the notification symbol. It looks like push doesn’t work, but I don’t know why.
I’m on Android 8.0.0 and K9 5.803


Try to update (there are never versions available) and check your permissions (eg. if system allows K-9 to display notifications).

If permissions were the reason I also would not see notifications when pulling down.
And 5.803 is the newest „official“ release on play store.

As I said, no settings were changed versus the old version (where notification worked):
It’s an IMAP account
All mails are to be synchronised
poll interval is 15 minutes
1st order folders are polled
push for 1st order folders only
notification for new mails is ticked

As I have a Samsung device I also checked the energy saving options - k9 is excluded from any saving. Even turning off energy saving totally does not make k9 notifications work.

What else could I try?

Не приходят уведомления ни как! Только при обновлении в ручную.

I finally found it (user error…):
Background sync in K9 is set to “When ‘Auto-sync’ is checked”
but autosync in android has not been checked for a while, as I thought this applies only to the accounts mentioned there.

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