Notification Light

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I am using the latest Version of k9mail on a Samsung Galaxy A8 Enterprise and Android 9.

As my Galaxy has a notification light I am using the light to show me when I got an Email.
Everything works fine until I am switching to silent mode.
If silent mode is on the notification light is not working any more.
Also using any other mode and selecting “no sound” as a notification tone switches the mode to silent mode and the notification light is not working.

So, I have to use a tone to keep the notification light working, which is anoying at times, when serveral Emails arrive in a short time.
To avoid the tone I can of course switch the phone to vibrating mode, but then the phone is vibrating as soon as Emails arrive which is at times even more anoying.

It follows, that I would love to have a version of k9mail, that allows me to select silent mode, so that there is no tone or vibrating no matter which phone ring mode is selected, and at the same time keeps the notification light working as the notification bar symbol is working no matter which mode is selected.
As a light is as silent as a notification bar symbol the notification light setting should be independent from the k9mail notification mode settings and the phone ring mode settings.

In the hope that my request is understandable and can be implemented in one of the next versions, I remain, best regards.


Hi @ToRe, welcome to the forum.

As I mentioned somewhere else in the forum, you can always use a “silence” sound. I.e., a sound file that only includes a second of silence.

You can use that for any app that you want to send notifications without actually being audible.

Thank you for your answer.
It is greatly appreciated.

Your solution only half solves the problem.

If I use an “empty” sound file, there will be no tone, there will be no vibration, because I disabled vibrations and the notification light will work as soon as an email arrives.
At the same time other Apps, like WhatsApp, will play a sound and vibrate as a message comes in.

There will be times when I do not want apps like WhatsApp to play a sound, so I will turn the phones ring mode to vibrate in the Android settings.
When for example a WhatsApp message comes in the Phone will only vibrate.
At the same time I still want k9mail not to play a sound and not to vibrate. I want it to be silent.
But it will not.
Although I disabled vibrations for k9mail, as I mentioned above, the phone will vibrate as soon as an email arrives, if the phones ring mode is set to vibrate.
If I use silent mode in k9mail there will be no vibration even if the phones ring mode is set to vibrate, but the notification light will not work.
And this is the other half of the problem.
I want to be able to have other apps to notify me by vibrating, while k9mail only notifies me by the notification light and the notification bar icon. In silent mode this is possible, but, as i mentioned, the notification light will not work under these circumstances.

So, if you do not have a solution for this part of the problem, I still need a k9mail version that has a mode independent notification light, so that the light is working no matter what mode I select in k9mail and or in the Android ring mode.