Notification Dot

Just downloaded K9 6.301. I like the program so far. One thing I can’t figure out. The notification dot will not go away on my icon. I am using an android with Ver 11.

On my cellphone it seems to go away if there is no more a notification from K9.

Sometimes, the notification remains after reading an e-mail. This does also happen even when opening an email by tapping the notification.

As long as the notification is there, the dot will remain on the icon. If you realise a notification even though you have no unread emails, just swipe away the notification. The dot should then also disappear.

Tchara - that’s it. Thanks. Need to swipe away the notification. I was thinking the dot was just for new email.

A notification not disappearing after the corresponding message has been read is a bug. In such cases please record a debug log and create an issue in our bug tracker. See LoggingErrors · thundernest/k-9 Wiki · GitHub