Not receiving new emails

Hello, I am using the K-9 mail. When I receive a new email from another users, it does not automatically pop up on my emails window. Even after I reload the new messages, It does not pop up. After Around 5-10 minutes, it then appear.

How can I fix this issue and get in synced immediately when a new email comes?


Enable Push in Settings - select the account - Fetching Mail.

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Thank you for your reply. I have enable the settings but still not receive new emails, as well as cannot read new emails even after reload.

what version of K9 are you using?

is your account POP or IMAP?

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How do you reload / refresh your Inbox? By dragging down the mails when at top of the list? That should do the trick…

Also you say aftet 5-10 minutes you see it. That sounds that you have enabled polling instead of push, but minimum poll frequency is 15 minutes…

The unanswered question is pop vs imap. The first response should be a request for basic info.

Hello, My account is IMAP

Also, the version of K9 that I am using is 6.802

Yes, I dragging down the mail at the top of the list. however, it does not appear right away.
Secondly, the 5-10 minutes is after I reload using the technique of dragging down the mail.

I use IMAP on my device

Maybe you should provide some debug log here.
Also, which mail provide do you use? Can you check the same on different networks, e.g. Wifi and mobile data?

ok, so here is what i think is happening, recently ill assume microsoft changed something…again… and when i look at login attempt activity, there are alot of failed logins from EVERYWHERE but my home country, i managed to get in and changed my password, my phone is on the same ip, so i also changed the app password for that account, instantly it syncs.
my/your account is being flooded with login attempts, and it wants you to MFA with a fallback email. all because microsoft cant be bothered to geolock your account and prevent attempts from anyplace but your common area.
in short, k9 is doing what it can, but M$ isnt. its why microsoft accts have the largest quantity of spam of ALL my email services.