Not receiving messages

I’m a new user - just installed K-9 version 6.602 on Nokia 5.4 running Android 12. Looks like I’m not receiving messages on this device using, although I do receive the messages over Fidei’s web interface. Interesting because I did receive a reply on the first email I sent out using Fidei - came through on web interface, Thunderbird and K-9 - but subsequent messages aren’t coming through on K-9.

Checked spam folder, but going there.

Thanks for any advice.

Addendum: messages now coming through - don’t know what changed…

Great to hear.
But some more questions:

  • did you setup as pull or push?
  • did you try to manually pull, by sliding down the list of mails in a folder?
  • in any case make sure to exclude K9 from battery optimizations of Android

Look under your account settings > fetching mail > push folders and make sure it’s on “only 1st class folders” and not “none.”