Not receiving incoming emails

Hi all, recent issue where I am not receiving incoming emails ( test confirmed this) but outgoing emails are working.

Any ideas on how to resolve?
Thanks for any help in advance!


Device? Device operating system and level? K-9 Mail version?

Hi there, I’m using a OnePlus Nord / Android and the K-9 app.

Setting for incoming mail as attached

I may not have the answer to your query, which I will have to leave to others possibly who know better and more than I. However, I do know that when troubleshooting a problem, details matter. What version of Android is on your phone? What version of K-9 Mail are you using? Are you getting any error messages or symptoms? Can you reproduce the problem, and if so under what conditions? Can you use the logging facility to try to narrow down the hangup? Details, details. Again, I myself may not have the answer, but I know from long experience that the more detail the better, so that perhaps others here can help you troubleshoot the problem.

Ah I appreciate you already taking time to reply! :+1:

I attach screenshots of android version and K-9 version.

No obvious signs of emails not being received but told outside of email that an email was sent but it never arrived.

I reproduced this by sending an email from my Gmail account to K-9. This email has never arrived.

I sent an email from K-9 to Gmail and it DID arrive so issue appears to be only on incoming mail.

My guess is that an energy saver (perhaps built-in into the phone) or an app-killer interrupts the app or its background data connection.

If you swipe down in the inbox: does K9 download new mails then?

Have you confirmed - via the mail provider’s webmail interface, or another mail client - that the (gmail originated) message actually made it into your inbox (rather than say your “spam” folder)?

If “yes”, have you tried to explicitly fetch mail - pull down on the message list.

Assuming “yes” to the above, I would suggest going to “settings/fetching mail/incoming server” and then select the “next” at the bottom-right. That connects to the server and tests the credentials, etc. If you are returned to the “fetching mail” page without a popup, then that confirms that that part of things is ok. If you get a popup you’ll need to deal with whatever problem it references.

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Thanks for the suggestions! Tried all that but still no luck I’m afraid. There was no pop-up either so not sure where the issue lies.

Did you confirm, using your mail provider’s webmail interface or another mail client, that the gmail-originated, message is in your account’s inbox?