Not all mails shown in folder

I just checked a folder in K9 and there are a lot of mails missing; there should be 21 mails in that specific folder, but K9 only shows 9? I did choose “load up to 100 more” to show me the mails, but in that one folder these 12 mails are missing? Any idea on what to do? In other folders it seems to show the correct amount. Thx for helping me out here

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Make sure that under Settings and Fetching Mail for that account the option “Sync messages from” is set to “any time” and maybe also check “Fetch messages up to” and make sure it isn’t set too small.

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And you might also want to try to order the folder by something other than date and then by date again. That sometimes fixes missing mails for me.

Thanks Nimueh. I did have the settings as you suggested already set up from the beginning. Listen, the weird thing is: its literally only one folder where this happens? The folder was created just like all the others in Outlook - I have no idea why it doesn’t show me the mails there?! And that is of course the one folder where I keep stuff I need when traveling.

Thanks Tchara, done so - no change at all - it really is annoying and weird.

When checking the folders, what class does the folder have? None, 1st or 2nd class?

In the fetch settings you can also define which class of folder is to be synchronised.

it has the same settings as all folders: none :slight_smile: