Not all emails shown as in Thunderbird

Hello people, I’m doing tech support for my grandma:

Since a few days, she doesn’t receive a portion as mails on her Samsung phone and tablet (don’t know the exact models but they’re reasonably new and run the latest PlayStore version from end of may 2023).

On her Windows PC she receives all mails as usual, but no matter how often she refreshes her inbox or restarts her phone, certain mails won’t appear.

This includes mainly newsletters, but alos her e-paper from the local newspaper and also some private mails from friends.

She receives self-tests and also mails I send to her, but when she tries forwarding one of the ‘missing’ mails from her PC, this forwarded newsletter also just appears on Thunderbird.

Do you guys have any idea on why that could be or are expereincing similar issues? I couldn’t find any apparent changes she or K9 did and couldn’t fix her tech issues as usual :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your ideas,

In general, the specific manufacturer and model of mobile device isn’t all that useful. What is needed is the version of K9 and the mail provider in question (and sometimes the configuration specifics being used with the provider).

Since the public/play store (non-beta) version of K9 hasn’t been updated since May, it is unlikely that this is an issue caused by something on the K9 mail client software side (unless the user has made configuration changes). Rather, it sounds like the mail provider has different views of the user’s mailbox - regular mail/mailing lists/promotions – as gmail does – and what’s being seen by the K9 client is just the “regular mail”, rather than a “unified mailbox” view.

The one, quick, thing to look at on K9 is under:


to make certain that the correct folder is in the “auto-expand” and the “folders to display” isn’t keeping the relevant folder(s) from showing up.

Otherwise, I would investigate (user or system) changes in what messages show up in the “unified” inbox.

Is she using POP or IMAP?

When using email clients on multiple devices it is best to use IMAP on all clients.

I’m pretty sure I checked that but I asked her to check it again, thanks! It seemed like a sudden silent change, so I agree that it might have something to do with her mail provider!

Again, I’m pretty sure that she is using IMAP but told her to check again. Thanks for the replies and if I can’t resolve it, maybe I’ll post an update

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