No SENDING Confirmation

Having installed K-9 I wrote 3 emails and clicked Send. No “Sending email” message popped up, but I just assumed that they had gone. Later, when none of them were replied to, I checked and found that the 3 messages were still being held in the Outbox, (ie. they were not listed in the Sent box). Further checking showed that I had missed out some required information when setting up. Ah, so that probably explains why no “Sending email” message popped up - they WEREN’T sent, they only got as far as the Outbox. Ok, I corrected that and tried again. Great, messages
now sent and listed in the Sent box not the Outbox. BUT, still no “Sending email” confimation pop up. Oh dear. Doesn’t K-9 confirm sending?

It doesn’t show a message when sending succeeded, but it shows an error message (notification) if sending didn’t succeed

Thank you for your help. However it would seem that I still have a problem then. I say that because the whole reason for me posting my original query was because all of the 3 emails I referred to failed to be sent and I only discovered later that they had only got as far as the Outbox when I was investigating why I had had no replies to any of those 3 message s - ie. K-9 did NOT put up a message saying “Sending failed” or similar.

Others are entitled to disagree of course, but my opinion is that a positive response is far better, (and more usual), than a negative “failed” message, otherwise just say/do nothing arrangement.

I have been a staunch Thunderbird user on my Windows computer for many years, so when I ditched my Huawei phone for a Samsung last Christmas, thereby losing the use of the built-in Huawei email app, (which does report “Email Sent”), only to find that I didn’t like the Samsung built-in equivalent, I immediately downloaded K-9 when I discovered that it was in progress of being turned into a mobile version of T-bird. Unless this “negative” arrangement is reversed when the transition is complete, I shall make my already-made change to Canary permanent - even though K-9 is otherwise ok.