No notifications when manually refreshing a folder

There was a new feature that under certain circumstances (I believe fetching manually, as far I can remember), any new messages are not indicated.
As the fetching of new mails usually takes a few seconds that are not indicated at all, I have to either wait a few seconds or to see any new mail only the next time.
It would be good if the indication of new mails was configurable.

I’m not sure I understand the issue. Are you manually refreshing a folder, then leave the app or switch to another folder before the app is done refreshing the folder and new messages are displayed in the message list?

The procedure: I am manually fetching new mail in the common folder. When I immediately switch to another app, I get no indication whether I have new mail or not, since this takes a few seconds. So I have to wait for a few seconds until I think that it finished fetching and then switch.

This behavior is intentional. We introduced this in K-9 Mail 6.000. The change log entry was:

  • Don’t create notifications when manually refreshing the message list

In the past some people remarked that when manually refreshing a folder they can see new messages coming in. In that case notifications are redundant and having to dismiss them is work that could be avoided.

I guess in the future we should only suppress notifications if the message list is visible. And if another app is in the foreground we should generate notifications for new messages.

As a work-around you could swipe down on the folder list in the side drawer. This will refresh all folders that are configured to be checked in that account. Doing so will never suppress any notifications.
You can also open the side drawer, expand the account list, and swipe down on the list of accounts. This will check all accounts (and not suppress any notifications).


Display new messages in the status bar only if k9 is in the background sounds good. Alternatively, the behaviour could be configurable.

Is this issue still active?

Id it still active now?