No incoming email notification

after much investigation, no incoming email notifications, does it work for you?

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Yes, it is working for me.

In order to help you more information is required:
K9 version
Android version / device
Mail provider
Pull / Push

just downloaded from the playstore so latest version

used quick setup for gmail account

phone is moto g9 play android 10

I think I’ll try a reinstall


The latest version is different depending on your device and many other factors. Only an actual version number is of any help here.


I need to have at least 20 characters to post.

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As you are using Android 10 maybe have a look at this:

Not sure if this thread is too old but still might have some valuable information.

oh it was set to every hour so it seemed not to work, I changed to every 15 minutes. Outlook and ProtonMail pick up new mail almost instantly.


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Then you are using Pull (every 15 minutes now).
You can also switch to push, then you should get notifications more or less immediately.

BTW: I ckecked on my dummy GMail account I have added a few days back. Right, by default K9 seems to set it up with Poll every 1 hour. Any specific reason for it?

I guess battery usage. See also Change default poll frequency / push. Add choice to account setup · Issue #5768 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub

Push (IMAP IDLE) comes with a lot of potential downsides. That’s why it’s not a great default.

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it started with a default configuration of 1 hour pull. I would not have known to try “push”