No Fans to update version as require me create Gmail account on my device

Previous version I can still manually create Gmail IMAP account and manually input OUTGOING SERVER PASSWORD.

Update version appears new button to click and brought me to sign in Gmail account which what happen is it will create an extra Gmail account on my Android device.

Can we use previous version using manually input?

I have several Gmail accounts for different purpose but I do not need more than one account on device., yes, I want them only in K9. The new K9 version force to add new account on device if I add more accounts in K9.

You can use OAuth with Gmail on K-9 Mail without adding the Google account to your device. I have two Gmail accounts in my K-9 Mail and only one is in my Android accounts.

I can’t comment on app password support. As soon as K-9 Mail gained OAuth for Gmail I deleted my last app passwords.

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Actually, K-9 should open your web browser, not the “add account” screen of the device. If it does not open the web browser, this likely means that the Google app is configured to automatically open such links. You might be able to change this on your Android settings » Apps » Default apps » Links. If you don’t use a google account on the device anyway, it might also be possible to just disable the Google app.

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