No basic buttons

I really miss the ability to personalize the buttons. The basic button like the sender’s reply should be available on the first screen as a button. This is the button we use for 99% of the e-mails we open. We need to choose reply to sender, can this feature be on top? it makes no sense to choose it from the next menu. Likewise, the move button should also be available from the menu.
The earlier version from 2018 was great, you could customize everything for yourself, the bottom bar with selected icons, which ensured quick deletion, reply from the sender, and transfer of the e-mail. Now you are trying to make people happy, but who ?, you are chasing similar functions as FairEmail or Blue Mail but does it make sense. In my opinion, no, your 2018 application is a really well-thought-out arrangement of buttons and functions, this simplicity and functionality is what people appreciate. k-9 Mail works with poor internet quality, can pick up e-mails and others are standing. You have a really good e-mail application that you are trying to imitate the movements of the competition and this is a mistake because what distinguishes your program is the good fast and simple interface that was in the 2018 version.
I propose to go back to what we expect to a large extent.


We need an option to choose which icons to display, both when a message is open, and when it is selected by a long press. I would always want delete, reply and move. Move is much more useful than archive.

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I totally agree :smiley:

It would be great to have the customization feature back.