No attachment but K9 shows paperclip icon

My mail setup is K9 on mobile and Thunderbird on PC.

When I receive mail from some people who may have images or the like in their signature etc, K9 displays these messages as having attachments by displaying the paperclip icon next to these messages, while Thunderbird correctly shows these messages as having no attachment.

Obviously these messages have no attachments, only the images in the signature.

Is this correct behaviour?
Is there anyway this can be corrected to have ONLY messages with actual attachments to display the paperclip icon?

Actually it is correct behaviour. Unless the images in the signature are inline-coded (i.e., Base64 code), they are sent as attachment which are then referenced from the message body. Basically, it’s just HTML in the message body with the images as attachments.

What Thunderbird does is analyse the mail and then not show referenced items as attachments. This behaviour has pros and cons of its own.

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