No attacched files

for a few days when I attach files (small) to my email, it doesn’t start and this message appears:
GaiException: android:getaddrinfo failed: EAI_NODATA (No address associated whith host name)
If I send email containing only text, it is transmitted. everything was always ok before.
I checked the settings and everything is fine


Which version of K9 do you use? Which mail provider?

Thanks for your answer, Stephn
I have a brand new Samsung A13 5G (SM-A136B/DSN), Android13.
I have installed the latest version of K9Mail (6.400) and i use gmail provider.

Can you provide debug logs? Settings / General Settings / Debug

Hi Stphn
Yesterday K9 has started working again regularly without problems.
Obviously I’ve never changed the settings of the gmail account, nor have there been any updates of the OS and the Apps installed.
I’ll send you the debug logs in case the problem reappears.
thanks for your answer.