New Reply All default?

Looks like V6 has changed the message view Reply button to be Reply All. Is there a way to change it back?


Considering that chronic abuse of the reply-all feature ought to be a capital crime, I have to endorse this request.


I was just coming here to ask about this. No solution yet?

One idea might be to use Reply All as a default if and only if less than e.g. 5 addresses are given. This might avoid accidental abuse. (People might have different views on that max number, though.)

My issue isn’t accidental abuse, it’s that I regularly get automatic emails that are sent to a list. When I reply I want my reply to go only to the sender, not be copied to the list as well. In the old K-9 version I could choose Reply or Reply All. Now I can only Reply All and have to manually delete the other recipient.

In that case: Simply tap on the three dots near the Answer-All arrow and select Answer. No need to delete the other addresses then.

No, my UI shows
left-arrow button, which does Reply All
… button, which offers Forward, Forward as attachment, Edit as new message, Share

In v5 it had Reply, in v6 it doesn’t. Unless it’s moved somewhere.

This sounds to be a bug. There should be a Reply button in the 3dot menu.

The Reply All button is a simple Reply, if there is only one address to answer. In this case, there is no Reply item in the three-dots menu (which is logical and consistent for me).

If that is the case then IMO better to not show Reply All, but Reply only…
And, I would like to have the Reply back as default

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The Reply All button is a simple Reply, if there is only one address to answer

It looks like one, but it replies to two addresses. Headers of the email I’m replying to are (inter alia):

Return-Path: <>

When I hit the Reply button I get a mail that has both (which I want) but also (which I don’t want).

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Indeed. Zero is my max number for when Reply-All is an appropriate default.

@linkp: So making it configurable (from 0 to 100, for instance) would solve your problem… but I’m not sure if that is going to happen as the PC version of Thunderbird does not support that either (though it might be an idea).

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I would be fine with a boolean option to define the preferred behavior, but your scaling approach doesn’t diminish the outcome I want, so I could get behind that.

In the meantime, I’ll continue judiciously observing the reply process when using K-9 Mail for such compositions.

I suspect this is more of a logic issue than a number-of-recipients test. Has it decided to reply to both the From: and the original To: simply because I’m replying from a different address than the To:, because that happens to be a list alias that delivered the mail to me?

Fixed in the new release. Thanks very much!

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I am one of the people who liked the Reply All default very much. Different people, different communication habits, different preferences.

If the function of the button in the message header (reply vs reply-all) could be a setting, that would be extremely lovely. :slight_smile: No need for a number threshold for me, but also (clearly) no argument against.