New release: K-9 Mail 5.803

Changes in this version:

  • Don’t show the icon for the ongoing Push notification in the status bar (on versions older than Android 8.0)
  • Directly open system settings for notification categories (Android 8.0 and newer)
  • Fixed a bug where a notification wasn’t removed when the associated message was deleted
  • Ignore unnecessary spaces when filtering the list of folders
  • Fixed crypto status icons not being clickable
  • Updated translations

The new version is available on Google Play right now and should be available on F-Droid soon. The APK can be downloaded here: K-9 Mail 5.803.

Please note that K-9 Mail is looking for funding. Join 1,193 other patrons and donate today.


Hoped to see some additional config for LED and vibration when I saw something about notification related changes.

Maybe next time…

Supporting this for Android 8.0+ is a non-trivial amount of work. The next development iteration (resulting in K-9 Mail 6.000) will focus on notifications, though.


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If there was an option to go back to the old version I had no problems with a donation.
For now it woks hopeless on a tablet. For me, it was good.