New phone, new Android version - Can't install

Going to new phone with Android 14, from 11. Using GoDaddy MS Outlook365, as have been for years. It is exchange server, but have been able to work around until now. See some reference to “push folders”, but think there are more basic problems. Can’t get same incoming server settings that I have always used, to be accepted now. Hence folders other than “outbox” are not created during install, whether “push” or not. Please help. Thanks.

No idea what exact problem you have.

Did you try just try to export account settings on old phone, and import it on new phone?

Search for GoDaddy and Office 365 in the forum. This problem has been discussed exhaustedly.

Your new phone is not recognised by GoDaddy as a trusted device on a legacy setup. You must use an app password and/or 2FA on your new phone.

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Yes. On various new devices. Proud owners of new Pixel 8 Pro with Android 14 and new tablets with Android 13. Two of each. Importing settings works for all other email accounts, but not GoDaddy Office 365. When setting up that account, K-9 creates an Output file, but no Input. Fetching/income setup does not work. So entire “push” on input file thing does not apply. Got to be some solution out there. Suggestion?

I guess this is correct and you again have to do the “full” setup for that account on each new device which includes the registration of the device for OAuth with GoDaddy.

Still having problems. Notice that my GoDaddy MS Office365 account does work on my new tablet, which is running Android 13, but not on my new phone, that is running Android 14.

I did export the account setting and import them into new phone. No change.

Can someone please explain “You must use an app password and/or 2FA on your new phone”, and “registration of the device for OAuth with GoDaddy”.

The password I am using to set up importing that does not work, I am using to set up outputting, where it works fine.