New GUI is inexplicable

I have been using K-9 Mail for over 10 years. I’ve loved it an appreciated it all that time. Unfortunately, the developers have succumbed to a very common disorder–change for change’s sake.

The new GUI is ghastly, though colorful, and makes K-9 completely unusable. I have multiple email accounts and loss of the Accounts View means I am clicking like a madman just to see if I have new email. How to display the size of the account storage? How to clear all messages? Where’s the “About K-9 Mail” just to find the version number?

Instructions to downgrade to the previous version include the statement, “Open the “three dots” menu in the upper right.” There are no three dots. So apparently I can’t set the Play Store to not update the app. If I downgrade, the app will be upgraded shortly. This all seems like a bad joke.

If someone can explain how to downgrade and get it to stick, I would appreciate it.
Never mind. Now installing Open Mail.
Open Mail now installed and configured. It feels like home.

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You need to install K-9 from a source with a different signing key. It is not sufficient to download the old version from GitHub or APK archive…

E.g., F-Droid archive repository uses different signing keys. As the keys are different, the Play Store will not auto-update the app. In fact, it won’t even let you manually update.

However, you need to make sure to pin the version in F-Droid. Otherwise, it might be updated by F-Droid without your consent.

In the Playstore - go to K-9 in the Playstore, 3-dot menu, uncheck "enable auto-update.

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