New Feature - Mailfolder View with swipe

Hi K9 Team, i was leaving Aquamail paid Version because of the more and more tracking.
In my Opinion…and i use k9 very long also in the past. Is k9 the better solution…there is just one point i miss from Aquamail which is in my eyes an unique selling point for Aquamail.

I try to explain this feature…i am no native english speaker.

There is an Setting which can be activated to see all MailAccounts and Subfolder in one direct view and one can swipe down to get all folders updated.
As is use sieve rules for Mail there will always be a new mail in an subfolder but i cannot just swipe to see all that.

Maybe you think about and build that in :slight_smile:


Hi Jens
If you have the sidebar with your e-mail account open, there is a small arrow pointing downwards next to the e-mail address. If you click on it, all accounts will open. Now swipe down and all accounts will be queried. However, the subfolders are missing in this function.
Have you already found this possibility?
Kind regards

Hi Ursula,
thx for you reply. Just found this :slight_smile: - unfortunately as you stated the subfolders will not be updated also.
Maybe in the future…