Need the check mail button restored

Note: This is specifically for any K-9 maintainers on this forum. If there is a better channel for feedback to the app maintainers, please advise.

A few versions ago K-9 Mail had a check mail button at the top of the screen to manually check for new mail. Now you have to swipe down to check for new mail. I am on version 6.602.

I have disability which makes it difficult to swipe on my device, and have swiping disabled in most apps where possible. I have struggled with the app since the button was taken away, and just wanted to raise this issue before I went looking to switch to a different mail app

Can the check mail button please be added back? It could be an option in the settings for people to select if they want it.

Thanks in advance for any support.

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assuming IMAP, if your mail servers support “push”, configure your accounts to use it then you don’t really need a “mail check” facility.

I prefer to check mail manually, versus automatically. Just asking for the button to be restored.

Are you a maintainer for the project?

Do you by any chance have Action Blocks [] installed on top of your accessibility services?

If ‘yes’, you can create a toggle to fetch mail in K-9 on your home screen which will open K-9 afterwards. That way, you have a single tap to fetch mail and open K-9…

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I do not use “action blocks”. I’m just asking if the button to manually check new mail in K-9 can be restored. Are you a K-9 maintainer?

Any K-9 maintainers in this forum?

You may want to tag @cketti if you want to lure the maintainer here…


Any progress on adding back the button to check new mail?

See Improve experience for Talkback users · Issue #4794 · thunderbird/thunderbird-android · GitHub

There are many open bugs and feature requests. This one is unlikely to make it to the front of the list very soon.