My mails stays in the outbox only

My mails are not getting sent ,they stays in the outbox itself .I don’t know what’s the problem is ,can anyone help me with it.

this is basically an indication that K9 isn’t able to successfully connect to your configured outgoing mail server. in order to help you need to provide some details:

  • android version

  • K-9 release

  • email service provider

  • outgoing server:
    – server
    – security
    – port
    – authentication [type]

if you select “next” at the bottom of the “outgoing server settings” page, what happens?

also, if you select your account’s “outbox” and try to “send messages” do you get any type of error message?

Android version 13
K 9 mail 6.6
Server IMAP
Port 993

It gets directly into the outbox , don’t show any errors

You missed an important question.

My email id is
Then my email provider should be stud.fh-sm ,right?

likely not.

is this a school account? if so, ask them for what you need to use for your incoming and outgoing server configuration.

what is your outgoing server?

also, port 993 is for incoming, not outgoing mail. what are you using for your outgoing mail port.

It’s done I asked the school for incoming and outgoing servers ,and now it’s done .But thank you for your help.


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