My 100 Folders Do Not Show Ever Up in K9-Mail :(

Dear K9’ers,

My favorite email client for Android, for sure!

Often I do have this problem, all settings are ok, IMAP and all, uploaded just fine all emails. But whenever I want to go to Inbox I see there are zero of my around 100 folders. They never show up.

→ Yes, I did activate all active sync folder
→ Yes, push folder
→ Yes, activation on my internal webmail to activate synchronization (external)
→ Yes, I have waited for a few hours
→ Yes, O restarted the phone and app multiple times

I really don’t understand why the folders are not showing up, any help would be so amazing :)!

Thanks a lot, K9’ers!

Have you set to display all folders? By default, the folders’ class is “none,” and if you only display 1st and 2nd class, you won’t see the “none” once.

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Yes thanks @tchara it just shows either NONE or 1st CLASS or 2nd CLASS whatever those classes are. They should be called ALL FOLDERS but they’re not :).

“Same as push class”, “same as display class”, no class, 1st class. So I have them all on first class as they were standard. Confusing.

There is NO “All Folders” to be found in my latest K9 app when managing folders.

Oh yes @tchara I also have them in the one setting as “all folders” and now I placed them all from 1st to “none” then refreshed. Hope they will start appearing, my folders.