Moving K9 To SD Card

Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to move the latest K9 (Google Play Beta Version) and future versions, be able to move the app to the SD card?

Hi, is Your phone rooted? If yes: Did You try any “Move-to-SD”-apps?
My wish for future K9-versions is to choose sd-card to store retrieved mails.

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No, I’ve never rooted any phones that I have had. I previously had a Samsung Galaxy S5, and was able to move the latest K9 apps. But now I have a Moto G Power with Android 10, and cannot move any apps to the SD card.

That’s a limitation in newer Android versions since Google is dead-set on moving users away from using SD cards, so I doubt that K9 can change that.

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Thanks for your reply. It gets frustrating with some of the things that Google chooses to do or not do, and it appears that this is one of them. I just wish they’d leave things alone!
rant over

Other Apps still had the option to move at least their data top SD card:

So there might be a setting which the K9 developers can choose to allow that.