Move email to another account

Is it possible to move an email from one account to another like thunderbird?

Welcome here! Sorry, no it isn’t.

Hello all, (sorry)

Bad news

Will this feature be planned? this is the only reason that does not make me quit canary mail

Doing this (which obviously only works with IMAP) is fairly “expensive”. The content is copied from the first account to the client (mobile device/K9 in this context) and then back to the second account - even if the accounts are on the same server. In addition to the client system (mobile device) resources, doing this on mobile data could be hard on the bank account. It’s not that it shouldn’t be available, but I think it would need to come with a robust set of warnings so that users aren’t shocked by the full set of resource hits.

I understand all that this implies, however it would be handy to archive emails on a specific imap server. this is what I currently do with canary mail and a Synology

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