Missing "sent" items

Just got new phone and activated my K-9 account. However, newly sent messages are not showing in the “Sent” folder. Also, why is there a “sent” folder, a “sent items” folder and a “SentMail” folder. Seems redundant (and confusing). By the way, the sent messages are not showing up in any of the aforementioned folders. Thanks.

Sounds like two programs use different folders for their sent mails. Or the web mailer uses a different one to the mail programs.

Do the missing mails appear if you swipe down at the top of these folders in order to trigger a refresh?

K-9 does not create folders. The list of (existing) folders is fetched from the server. As @Gunter_Konigsmann mentioned, other mail programmes seem to have created the folders.

Please go to the account settings and check under “folders” whether a folder for sent items is set. If not, select one of the three.

In the folder view, you can limit to First and Second Class folders. Set you sent items folder to one of those. The other two to “none.” That way they will not be displayed.

Better: In one of you other mail programmes, delete the folders you do not need. (you cannot delete folders through K-9)

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