Missing features

There is some missing features in K-9 mail mobile app "Bold, Italic, Underline, Text Color, Hyperlink, Alignment, Bullet, Background Color and more… Please add these all features to K-9 mail app. Thank you!

K-9 neither supports HTML nor Richtext. Thus, no text formatting options.

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I assume when K9 becomes Thunderbird Mail that formatting functions will appear? If not, it bears no relation to Thunderbird Mail. I cannot work with a client which does not have formatting options.

I wouldn’t assume that: there is no mention of anything like that in the roadmap

Thanks for your feedback, Pete. Some time ago I used K9 Mail but found it frustratingly lacking in features and stopped using it. I use Thunderbird on my desktop finding it the epitome of mail clients, very happy with it. When I heard K9 was essentially being taken over by TB I was delighted and started back with K9 on my Android tablet. Sadly your confirmation of ongoing limited functionality through no html has lost me again.

Sorry you were so bitterly disappointed. When I read that announcement I thought “No way in hell it will be as smooth a transition as they think”. After all, the money would have been invested wiser in FairEmail or so… Less adaptation required.

Is there any means to lock in text size? Some messages arrive in “insurance policy” sized text. I’d rather set the text size for all.