Messages stuck in outbox

I had messages stuck sitting in the outbox.
I can see that no attempt is made by k9 to reach my mail server when I click send or restart the android device.
I can send new messages w/k9 and they’ll briefly appear in the outbox above the old messages and then be immediately sent and removed but the old messages remain. So sending works.
Only way to get the old messages to send was to move them to drafts and click send from there. They then go out immediately.

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I’m having this exact same problem. I still have an email “stuck” in the Outbox on my phone from December 2023, with no error message, and I have sent and received many emails since this, including just a few minutes ago. This intermittent problem has been occurring rarely over the past few years that I have been using K-9 Mail, across two different phones, and up-to-date phone application.

At the end of the month I have to submit expense reports, so I tend to use my phone to take pictures of the receipts and send the emails to my work account. This process normally works, but occasionally one gets stuck in the Outbox and I never receive it on my work email. 3 months later the same email is still sitting there

Is there an open bug for this?

Similar issue

I had my smtp settings misconfigured for a while, so several messages ended up in outbox. Today I managed to fix settings (had to specify @domain in “username” field) and now I can send mail. But the old messages remain in the outbox.

I tried to press “send messages” from the outbox menu (dots), but that seems to be no-op (?). There is no visual indication of any problems.

Can you tap on a stuck email and check if you can edit it? You need not change anything, just tap “send” immediately. Maybe the mail will be handled as a new mail then.

For some reason I’ve managed to “edit” and send them only after going to account settings and assigning the “special” folders like “sent”, “draft” and others. I suspect my “stuck” messages were sent, but kept resting in outbox because no “sent” folder was configured. So eventually, I could have sent multiple copies of them…

May be related to (successfully) sent mails disappearing if no folder is configured for sent mails. Would make sense that they cannot be removed from the outgoing folder…

I agree it makes sense messages don’t vanish silently; but there also was no any indication whether message was delivered or not (because of misconfigured smtp/no connection). I wish there was indication of “no special directories assigned” state as a safeguard for noobs.

Also, for some reason I observe doubles of each “special” directory — i.e. two “sent” dirs, two “drafts” and so on. One copy was always empty and the other one was synchronized with corresponding directory on my mail server. Custom directorier are not duplicated. My mail server does not contain empty directories, so I thought the empty copies were specific to k9-mail. But they seem to be useless and I have no idea how to delete them.

I’ve assigned the “special” roles to non-empty instances (which are in sync with the server, so it makes sense).

I don’t notice anything these messages have in common. It seems they land in stuck in the outbox randomly. Does anyone know otherwise?