Messages on server not deleted

Version 6.000 does not delete messages on imap server when I tell it to. This is very frustrating as I have 700+ messages that are not deleted from the server that I have to go to Thunderbird (actually the mail of Seamonkey) to delete again.

But they don’t show up in K-9 again. How is this even possible?

I have K-9 set to delete messages on the server when deleted in K-9.

Version 5.6 and 5.8 seemed to work correctly.

Not to sound like a broken record here, but without more infos nobody will be able to help you. Phone, android version, K-9 version, your server (and Delete) settings and most importantly - a log.

And for what it’s worth - messages were deleted just fine for me on version 6.000, both on my stock OOS 11 device and those with custom roms on A10 + A11.

K-9 versions stated in message. Android version 6.0 1, phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 4, SM-N910T

Server is current Seamonkey mail, also in first message.

Sorry but I don’t know how to provide a K-9 log, if that is what you mean?

Yes, and the link I provided tells you exactly how to get a log. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, I missed the expansion “V” that shows the link. I wanted to attach a log that covers the deletion of some messages but in view of the following I’m not sure it will help. Do I have to create a new issue on github to save the log? I don’t see how to do it here.

I just tried deleting four messages in K-9 after showing the messages in SeaMonkey Mail (Seamonkey version 2.53.12). The messages didn’t disappear with the [Get Msgs] button in Seamonkey mail, but they were gone after deleting the INBOX and INBOX.msf in the profile ImapMail folder and letting Seamonkey reload the messages.

However, there are still many old messages in Seamonkey mail after deletion and re-downloading of message headers that do not appear in the K-9 mail inbox. I currently have 3115 messages in Seamonkey mail, 789 unread, of which 700 or so are older messages that should have been deleted in K-9 mail. Is there any way to get the total number of messages in the K-9 mail inbox?

Thanks for your help.