Messages get stuck in the Outbox

Some of my k9 outgoing mail got stuck in the outbox. When I tell it to send messages nothing happens. I know it’s not actually attempting a send since I’m monitoring the network. New mail works and I see it go out. Also if I take one of the stuck outbox emails and select “edit as new message”, do no editing and just press send, it sends it.

Is there some logging that would tell me why its not sending from “send messages” from the 3dots in Outbox.

One other bit of info, these messages got into the Outbox at some earlier time when the network was down.

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I have, on rare occasion, encountered what you have described, all the way down to the Edit as new message method of reinitializing the sending process. I don’t have any answer to your questions. I just wanted to acknowledge the symptoms you described.