Messages deleted in notification not deleted from server

Hi there,

whenever I get a notification about a new email and I select delete in the notification, the message disappears from the notification and in the app, but not on the server! Same happens, when I mark them as “read” in the notification.
When I do the same within the app, my actions get mirrored on the server. (Push is activated!)

Do you know how to fix that?

Thanks, erazork

Sounds odd. Unfortunately, I have no idea what could be causing this. Can you please record a debug log and open a new issue in our issue tracker? See LoggingErrors · k9mail/k-9 Wiki · GitHub

Setting the maximum number of push-folders from 100 to 1000 seems to have helped. Even though there’s not even close to 100 push folders in my settings.
Maybe this helps to figure out, what caused this.

Thanks for your time anyway!