Messages could not be sent - how to debug/solve?


my wife sometimes tries to send me messages and they get stuck in her Outbox. I’ve followed the instructions at LoggingErrors · thundernest/k-9 Wiki · GitHub but the only relevant errors are the following (each time I try to send those 2 stuck messages), which are not very helpful:

06-24 13:05:52.567 17819 17853 I MessagingController: Running command 'sendPendingMessages', seq = 334 (background priority)
06-24 13:05:52.569 17819 17853 I MessagingController: Scanning Outbox folder for messages to send
06-24 13:05:52.570 17819 17853 V MessagingController: Skipping sending message K9LOCAL:f80c1292-f661-4c8d-a86d-796ae393a8f2 (reason: error)
06-24 13:05:52.570 17819 17853 V MessagingController: Skipping sending message K9LOCAL:3945f15d-9ebb-4ebc-997f-ef4a140c7a18 (reason: error)
06-24 13:05:52.572 17819 17853 I MessagingController:  Command 'sendPendingMessages' completed

Any hint on how to either debug or even better solve the issue?

Thanks, Eric

Whoops, I realize that I have got those messages (I checked the Message-IDs, they are the same)! Could it be that this is what K9-Mail had some issue when sending the messages the first time, so that it thought, it didn’t happen, but when it tries again, the “duplicated/re-used” message ID causes an error? In this case, the error should be more helpful IMHO.

When trying to send messages, K-9 Mail should display an error notification for the last message that was skipped due to an error. That notification should contain a more detailed error message. Can you provide that message?

I removed the notification (and the messages, after my analysis), but the notification was only repeating that the messages couldn’t be sent, nothing specific.